KIDSPOINT will get an average of 40 hours a year with your child, and you’ll have over 3,000. You will always be the primary faith builder in your child’s life, and the local church will always partner with you to make that influence have far reaching potential.

KIDSPOINT serves you as a parent in 3 major ways:
#1. Jesus on Their Level: Every week it’s our goal to create an environment where your child will meet Jesus on a level they can understand. 

#2. Resourcing Parents: As your child grows up in KIDSPOINT the tools and resources available to you will grow. In Nursery, every child is given a Cue Card on their way out. We invite you to use this Cue Card to create spiritual rhythms at home. 

#3. Church for You: KIDSPOINT creates an environment for your baby or toddler so that you can have one undistracted hour where you can focus on growing your relationship with Jesus. It’s a win win! They aren’t bored and you aren’t distracted. 

Homework: Your homework for this session is ongoing. First, we ask you to check your child into KIDSPOINT on a consistent basis so they can learn about Jesus on their level. Second, we ask you to consistently use the Cue Card provided to create a rhythm of talking about Jesus in your home.