Welcome to the best hour of your kid's week! We believe the Bible should never be boring, worship can be really loud, and good leaders always care.

Before kids head off to middle school, we want to make sure these three things stick:

The BIG 3 for your 1st-5th Grader.

1. Praying Out Loud: 

Instead of letting prayer intimidate your child, we’ll encourage them week by week in small group to talk to God in a group of friends.

2. Knowing How to Navigate the Bible: 

The Bible is the most incredible book ever written! That’s why we make it a point to teach 1st-5th graders how to look up verses and read it on their own, so when they grow up, they’ll still have God’s word!

3. Taking it Home: 

Every four weeks your child will receive a SUDS journal. It’s a simple tool that allows them to make Jesus a part of their daily routine, not just a Sunday thing.


The focus in our small group environment is we want kids to see how God's Word fits into their lives, to learn how to talk to Him, and to build friendships that will last. That's why it's important to make sure your child connects with the same friends and same leaders at the same hour—EVERY SUNDAY!