Baby Dedication

Hi Mom and Dad! 

We are thrilled that you have started the process of dedicating your child at CITYPOINT. We believe that dedication is a precious and important milestone in a child’s life. This is the first of many opportunities for you to place a spiritual marker in your child’s life as you partner with KIDSPOINT!

A few things to know before you dive in...
1. Our Baby Dedication service is on May 27th.
2. Baby Dedication is for kids age Birth-Kindergarten.
3. There are three short videos below that you will need to watch after signing up for dedication. The videos are from The Bridge Church in Ottumwa. The Bridge helped start CITYPOINT and they've allowed us to use their material. When they reference "The Bridge" and "Bridge Kids" in the videos you'll watch, understand that it is relatable to CITYPOINT and KIDSPOINT. 

As you work through this material we want you to think about two key things.

#1. Play For Keeps: We know right now you are knee deep in diapers, spit up and maybe even a toddler demanding another bite of your cookie, but set all that aside and play for keeps. When you play for keeps, it enables you to distinguish more clearly between what matters and what matters most. Playing for keeps allows you to focus more energy on who your kid is becoming instead of their current behavior or performance. 

#2. Make It Personal: Investing time and energy in your child’s spiritual development is huge, but it must come second to your personal relationship with Jesus. When it comes to spiritual growth, put yourself first. God needs to be the most important relationship in your life, your family comes second. 

With these lenses on, we invite you to sign up and get started on Session One! If you are married, please work through this content with your spouse. 


If you have more than one Child you are hoping to be dedicated please fill the form out again by refreshing the page.

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